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RED Episode 55: THE SAINT PATRICK’S DAY EPISODE! Training for Run the Bluegrass & Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery

Welcome to our first official audio episode of the Run Eat Drink Podcast!


This week, we are off the road and training for our next big race!  We are excited to get to Run the Bluegrass at the end of this month in Lexington, Kentucky.  Jeff Galloway is our coach and he has assigned us a long run of 15 miles.  We talk about why.


We had a Saint Patrick’s Day pre-party the night before our run at  Nice Guys Pizza with their Ruben Pizza, which was amazing.  After completing our 15-miler, we needed celebratory food, of course!Our post-run food was from another favorite place, Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery. Shannon Yates, owner and chef, was putting together killer Corned Beef and Cabbage, and with a little twist that makes it unique and tasty.  And as a bonus, we ran into Morgan Wright, or Morgan the Moose, our local celebrity from American Ninja Warrior, so we were able to wish him good luck as he heads to Atlanta for ANW Season 11!


Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery collaborated with Big Top Brewing in Sarasota to create Shamrock Shannon Stout.  This was a great way to celebrate completing the 15 miles.  Why?  It is smooth, not bitter, and it has been aged in Tullamore Dew barrels!

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RED Episode #45: Happy 5th Anniversary of the JG 13.1 Race Weekend!

It’s the 5th Anniversary of the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Weekend!

You all know that this race is near and dear to my heart because Jeff Galloway is my coach.  Jeff is an Olympian and known all over the world for his Run-Walk-Run method.  He and his wife Barbara have put on a fun and inspiring race weekend for the past 5 years.

Jeff and Barb have helped so many people reach their goals, from weight loss through running to completing a marathon.  He is such a friend to our podcast and a mentor to us.  We just had to celebrate Jeff and Barb in this first episode of our series recapping the 5th annual race weekend!

So, we wanted to take the time to say thank you to Jeff and Barb.  Here are some messages to Jeff and Barb congratulating them on these past five years and wishing them many more to come! 


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RED Episode #20: Donna Half Marathon, Black Sheep, and Intuition Ale Works in Jacksonville

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The Donna Marathon Weekend continued on Sunday.  We signed up for the Booby Trap Challenge.  That means we were scheduled to run a 10K and a 5K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday (or runners can choose to do the full marathon instead of the half as a part of their Booby Trap Challenge).  The Half and Full Marathons are run at the same time, with a 7-hour time limit on the course for both races.  The spectators make this race, cheering us on with hilarious signs, offering beer, mimosas, doughnuts, and more.  The fellow runners motivating each other are inspiring.  The feeling of this half or full marathon is something everyone must experience.



A place to celebrate our accomplishment? Black Sheep in the historic Five Points District of Jacksonville’s Riverside neighborhood.  They are focused on creating delicious dishes using local ingredients.  We took time to talk with Executive Chef Waylon Rivers about what makes this restaurant special and then we sampled an amazing pasta dish, Spaghetti a'la Chitarra.  Winter squash, pecorino, garlic, sage, rosemary, and sunflower seeds make this a mouthwatering must have!



Intiuition Ale Works is a great brewery in Jacksonville.  We got the inside scoop from Bronson Olympia, a Tap Room Manager there.  (They also serve appetizers, small plates, and sandwiches from Black Sheep!)  We recommend the Jon Boat Coastal Ale as a lighter brew perfect for a hot day or our personal favorite, the Underdark is an Imperial  / Double Stout that is aged in Willet Rye Barrels for a year and only released in February.  So lucky we were there!



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