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RED Episode 7 Safety Tips for Running at Night, Guiness Stew, and Upcoming Podcast Episodes

We are so happy to be getting back to a regular schedule, having power, and getting internet back after Irma!  We can't wait to get back to publishing upcoming episodes.

First, it is just a reminder to be safe if you are running late at night or early in the morning, and wear light colors.  Even better, purchase a light you can wear as you run to alert drivers on the road.  You can get one at any speciality running shop in town.

Second, it is an awesome recipe for dinner.  Check this Guinness Beef Stew recipe out from Cooking Light and My Recipes. The drink and the food in one shot this episode!  It is a great cold weather dish, so we turn up the AC in Florida and pretend it is winter!  Seriously, it is great comfort food that is done in a healthy way.

Third, upcoming races!  We have the following podcast episodes coming up and of course bonus content in quick bites as well!

LauderAle Run

RunDisney Wine and Dine Two-Course Challenge

RunDisney Infinity Gauntlet Challenge

Fit Foodie Run

Jeff Galloway 13.1 Race Weekend with Billy Mills

Finally, a special thank you to Pam and Ariel Gonzalez, of Pure Creative Apparel.  They put together a swag care package for us after Hurricane Irma.  They designed our logo and put it on polos, race shirts, and bags that you will see in upcoming episodes!  Check them out!  They make amazing gear!  Follow them on Instagram. Twitter, or Facebook.

We even have a bonus episode that we did not even mention in this podcast, so stay tuned!! 

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Quick Bite # 15: Cadence Drills with Jeff Galloway

Welcome back for another Quick Bite!  This time it is a “bite” of information about Jeff Galloway’s Training Program, using the Run-Walk-Run Method.

On Sunday, August 6th, America’s Coach and Olympian, Jeff Galloway, hosted a running school at the Orlando Track Shack in Orlando, Florida.

He talked about the different aspects of his training program including the long run component, the maintenance runs during the week, and drills that can improve your cadence and ability to use momentum to conserve resources when running.

Here, in this quick bite, he talks about Cadence Drills.  They are a drill that I practice once a week, usually on a Tuesday or a Thursday, to increase turnover, or the number of steps I can get into a 15 or 30-second interval.  It helps me remember to keep the stride short and the steps quick to increase that turnover, but do it in such a way that does not leave me huffing and puffing.

These drills really challenge me and at the end I am usually covered in sweat, and I've hit a barrier where I can't do anymore steps because I am huffing and puffing.  That's when I know it is time to back off on the number of steps I do within that 30-seconds. Early in the training season, I do 4 every Tuesday along with 4 of the Acceleration Gliders.  I work up to doing 6-8 on a Tuesday.   I can really tell when I have been doing them consistently because then I don't have to correct myself for making my steps too wide or long as often during races, 400s, 800s, or race rehearsal segments.  It feels better when I keep them short in terms of any "weak links" and my attempts to avoid IT Band issues.  It just feels better overall because it helps me get into a rhythm.

There are videos on Jeff’s website that are great resources when it comes to incorporating these drills into your training.

Thanks to the Orlando Track Shack for allowing us to film this Quick Bite!

Orlando Track Shack 

Jeff's Websites for training resources, JG 13.1 Race Weekend, and his blog  

Jeff's Training calendars for RunDisney 

Jeff's YouTube Videos 

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RED Episode 3: Not Quite Friday 5K at JDub's Brewing Company

Welcome back to another full episode of the Run Eat Drink Podcast.  (It's only 6 minutes!) We had a mid-week trip to JDub's Brewing Company out of Sarasota, Florida.  Every Thursday they host a "Not Quite Friday 5K."  Those who complete the run get a punch card and if you complete two punch cards you get a great shirt! It is free to run with the group.  As soon as we arrived, we signed a waiver, we were shown a map of the course, and we were off!  The course goes through a park and past the Baltimore Orioles Ed Smith Spring Training facility. The scenery was nice, and the group was welcoming and fun.  It was a low pressure way to complete a short training run.

There are benefits to completing just one of these runs as well..  Runners get 10% off a tasty beer after completing their 5K. We chose to try their Poolside Kolsch, a lighter and refreshing beer, although, my favorite is still the Bell Cow.  A food truck, Fillaburger, was also waiting for us after the run and they had awesome stuffed burgers filled with mac and cheese or pulled pork and more!  

The environment is so much fun!  You definitely have to check out all the Star Wars art on the walls and the beer garden out back that you'll see in our podcast.

I will definitely be back to run on the next Thursday I have off to fill my punch card, try more from Fillaburger, and hang out at this cool brewery.  You should check them out when you are in Sarasota.

JDub's Brewing Company: 


Ed Smith Stadium: