RED Episode #4 Run Walk Run with Jeff Galloway (Part 1)

Welcome back to Run Eat Drink Podcast!  

In this episode, I want to share the method I use to train for races of all distances.  I discovered his method in January 2011, when I ran my first half marathon at Walt Disney World.  I was an inexperienced runner who found a book online with a running schedule in it, tried to follow it, and headed to the race.  Mistakes were made.  I would describe that experience as painful and a real struggle, although I crossed the finish line with my husband and accomplished the goal.  At the race expo, Jeff was giving a motivational talk about his method.  He talked about taking walk breaks so you can finish strong.  Those walk breaks are short, 30 seconds or less,  and protect you from running out of gas at the end of the race.  It does not matter whether you are trying to qualify for Boston or complete your first race, he said, you can use this method to pass others at the end, finish with a smile, and still have energy to celebrate afterward.

When we got home and started to train for our next race, his words were in the back of my mind.  I did some research and found that he had a whole program, and that there was "an app for that" from LoloFit. It gives you a training plan based on your goal, a recommended ratio for running and walking, and during the workouts, it is Jeff's voice telling you when to run, when to walk, and dropping in occassionally with motivation and encouragement to keep going.  I cannot tell you what a difference it made in training, motivation, and performance.  I became one of his e-coach clients, and have been an avid supporter ever since!

On Sunday, August 6th,  America's Coach and Olympian, Jeff Galloway, hosted a 3-hour running school in Orlando, Florida at the Track Shack. This gave me a great opportunity to share with all of you what his method is all about and why it works. It was such a great experience,  and afterward we sampled some tasty food and beverages right around the corner at Santiago's Bodega.

Jeff took the time to do an interview with us, and he gave us so much great information, so we are breaking up his interview into three separate podcast episodes.  This is the first part of his chat with us,  Jeff talks about the history of the run-walk-run method and how he became "America's Coach."  In part two, we will explore the science behind the method, and in the final part of his interview with us, Jeff shares resources for anyone out there who wants to use his run-walk-run method.

Special thanks to the Orlando Track Shack, Jeff Galloway, and Santiago's Bodega for allowing us to film this episode.  Here are some resources so you can find out more about his method and the delicous food and beverages we tried.

 Phidippides - Jeff's Running Store in Atlanta, GA

Orlando Track Shack 


Lolo Fit Apps by Jeff Galloway in iTunes 

Jeff's Websites for training resources, JG 13.1 Race Weekend, and his blog  

Jeff's Training calendars for RunDisney 

Jeff's YouTube Videos 

Santiago's Bodega 

Terrapin Beer Company 

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