RED Episode #45: Happy 5th Anniversary of the JG 13.1 Race Weekend!

It’s the 5th Anniversary of the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Weekend!

You all know that this race is near and dear to my heart because Jeff Galloway is my coach.  Jeff is an Olympian and known all over the world for his Run-Walk-Run method.  He and his wife Barbara have put on a fun and inspiring race weekend for the past 5 years.

Jeff and Barb have helped so many people reach their goals, from weight loss through running to completing a marathon.  He is such a friend to our podcast and a mentor to us.  We just had to celebrate Jeff and Barb in this first episode of our series recapping the 5th annual race weekend!

So, we wanted to take the time to say thank you to Jeff and Barb.  Here are some messages to Jeff and Barb congratulating them on these past five years and wishing them many more to come! 


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