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RED Episode 7 Safety Tips for Running at Night, Guiness Stew, and Upcoming Podcast Episodes

We are so happy to be getting back to a regular schedule, having power, and getting internet back after Irma!  We can't wait to get back to publishing upcoming episodes.

First, it is just a reminder to be safe if you are running late at night or early in the morning, and wear light colors.  Even better, purchase a light you can wear as you run to alert drivers on the road.  You can get one at any speciality running shop in town.

Second, it is an awesome recipe for dinner.  Check this Guinness Beef Stew recipe out from Cooking Light and My Recipes. The drink and the food in one shot this episode!  It is a great cold weather dish, so we turn up the AC in Florida and pretend it is winter!  Seriously, it is great comfort food that is done in a healthy way.

Third, upcoming races!  We have the following podcast episodes coming up and of course bonus content in quick bites as well!

LauderAle Run

RunDisney Wine and Dine Two-Course Challenge

RunDisney Infinity Gauntlet Challenge

Fit Foodie Run

Jeff Galloway 13.1 Race Weekend with Billy Mills

Finally, a special thank you to Pam and Ariel Gonzalez, of Pure Creative Apparel.  They put together a swag care package for us after Hurricane Irma.  They designed our logo and put it on polos, race shirts, and bags that you will see in upcoming episodes!  Check them out!  They make amazing gear!  Follow them on Instagram. Twitter, or Facebook.

We even have a bonus episode that we did not even mention in this podcast, so stay tuned!! 

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RED Quick Bite #16 Hurricane Irma

This is a really short Quick Bite.  We are heading to a safe place in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  Hope everyone stays safe.

Originally, we were going to participate in the Fit Foodie Run this weekend in Clearwater, and we were so excited about it.  It has been rescheduled to December 9th due to the Hurricane, so we will have to wait a bit for the race that seemed to be themed just for us! 

We hope everyone impacted by Hurricane Irma stays safe.  We can't wait to get back to filming the podcast and to accomplish, explore, and indulge along with you after this storm is over.


RED Episode #6: Run Walk Run With Jeff Galloway Part 3

Welcome back to another episode of the Run Eat Drink Podcast!

On Sunday, August 6th,  America's Coach and Olympian, Jeff Galloway, hosted a 3-hour running school in Orlando, Florida at the Track Shack. This gave me a great opportunity to share with all of you what his method is all about and why it works. It was such a great experience,  and afterward we sampled some tasty food and beverages right around the corner at Santiago's Bodega.

In part three, we explore the resources that Jeff has to offer on his website.  Anyone, from someone just getting started to an elite runner, can use his method to improve time or train to cross that finish line for the first time and feel great after the race.  These resources include books, videos, a run-walk-run timer, resources for recovery like the BFF massager, and a variety of support from e-coaching to race retreats, local galloway training groups, and customized training.

He also mentions his JG 13.1 Race Weekend and I did not talk about it in the interview, mainly because I was so honored and a bit "starstruck" to be talking to Jeff, but we have run both Barb's 5K and the 13.1 for two years now.  It is one of the best race weekends out there.  There is no pressure because the course time limit is 4 hours and 30 minutes.  It is run-walk-run friendly, of course.  The Atlanta sites are amazing on the courses and the finish, with Jeff there to congratulate you whether you are first or the very last runner, is incredible, too.   We cannot wait to feature that race on this podcast, and he has special guest and Olympic Gold Medalist, Billy Mills, coming to give a motivational and inspirational talk.  It will be a great weekend!  

In this episode, we also feature another amazing tapas dish from Santiago's Bodega, Patatas Bravas.  It was tasty, and it was different from the version we had at Patio Tapas and Beer in Boca Raton at the Run, Sweat, and Beers 5K in July.  Both are worth the trip, let me tell you!

Special thanks to the Orlando Track Shack, Jeff Galloway, and Santiago's Bodega for allowing us to film this episode.  Here are some resources so you can find out more about his method and the delicous food and beverages we tried.

Phidippides - Jeff's Running Store in Atlanta, GA

Orlando Track Shack 


Lolo Fit Apps by Jeff Galloway in iTunes 

Jeff's Websites for training resources, JG 13.1 Race Weekend, and his blog  

Jeff's Training calendars for RunDisney 

Jeff's YouTube Videos 

Santiago's Bodega 

Patio Tapas and Beer in Boca Raton (mentioned in this episode and reviewed in Episode 2) 

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