Quick Bite # 10: Tapas at Patio Tapas and Beer

We are back at Patio Tapas and Beer!  We tasted the sangria, and now we dive into their delicious tapas.  In a 2-min video, we talk about the Pork Belly and Piquillo Relleno.  These two are the perfect balance of flavors and they are just two more reasons you should visit Patio Tapas and Beer if you are in Boca Raton, Florida.  I know it is Spanish Tapas, and we did visit the Columbia Restaurant at our last race, but this was not to be missed, and I love tapas when I can't decided what I am in the mood to eat.  There are so many different Spanish influences as far as food in Florida, they are all worth sampling and enjoying!  This did not disappoint.  Try it next time you are in town and you'll see what I mean.

Pork Belly - $3 on their happy hour menu!  It is a piece of crispy pork belly on a toasted baguette with picked shallots and aioli.

Piquillo Relleno - $3 on their happy hour menu as well!  A stuffed pepper (I say it is a red pepper in the video, but it is a piquillo pepper) with goat cheese and a PX reduction (which tasted like a balsamic reduction).