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RED Episode #30: 1st Anniversary Edition


We’ve run so many great races in our first year.  From Walt Disney World to Disneyland as well as Atlanta and so many great destinations in Florida, it was a great first year.  We supported many worthwhile charities, too.  In this segment, we take a look back at some of the great moments on the podcast.


Did someone say eat?  We’ve done a lot of that this year.  There were so many delicious dishes, we had to take a look back at some of our favorites.



Of course, we have been to some amazing breweries and bars, as well as had some bartenders make us some terrific cocktails at some of the restaurants we have visited.  We just wanted to drink... I mean show off a few in this review.


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RED Episode #15: Sarasota YMCA Ringling Bridge Run, Yoder's Amish Restaurant, and Big Top Brewing


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This week we ran the 15th Annual Sarasota YMCA Ringling Bridge Run in Sarasota.  This run benefits the Sarasota YMCA.  It was a beautiful run over the water, included some hill work on the bridge, which is one of the only ways you can get hill work in Florida, and there was no time limit, so it was perfect to get back into the swing of things in 2018!    Special thanks to Sarasota Police Department for keeping us safe on the course!



Our next stop was Yoder's Amish Restaurant, a famous spot for pie in Sarasota.  They have an amazing breakfast, were featured on Man Vs. Food for their delicious friend chicken, but we were there for the world-famous pie.  It was worth the wait!



Our final stop this episode was Big Top Brewing Company.  We got to try their Ringmaster, an award-wining Raspberry Berliner Weiss.    It is a sour beer, but a delicious beer nonetheless.



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RED Episode 3: Not Quite Friday 5K at JDub's Brewing Company

Welcome back to another full episode of the Run Eat Drink Podcast.  (It's only 6 minutes!) We had a mid-week trip to JDub's Brewing Company out of Sarasota, Florida.  Every Thursday they host a "Not Quite Friday 5K."  Those who complete the run get a punch card and if you complete two punch cards you get a great shirt! It is free to run with the group.  As soon as we arrived, we signed a waiver, we were shown a map of the course, and we were off!  The course goes through a park and past the Baltimore Orioles Ed Smith Spring Training facility. The scenery was nice, and the group was welcoming and fun.  It was a low pressure way to complete a short training run.

There are benefits to completing just one of these runs as well..  Runners get 10% off a tasty beer after completing their 5K. We chose to try their Poolside Kolsch, a lighter and refreshing beer, although, my favorite is still the Bell Cow.  A food truck, Fillaburger, was also waiting for us after the run and they had awesome stuffed burgers filled with mac and cheese or pulled pork and more!  

The environment is so much fun!  You definitely have to check out all the Star Wars art on the walls and the beer garden out back that you'll see in our podcast.

I will definitely be back to run on the next Thursday I have off to fill my punch card, try more from Fillaburger, and hang out at this cool brewery.  You should check them out when you are in Sarasota.

JDub's Brewing Company: 


Ed Smith Stadium: