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RED Episode #41: Cops and Joggers 5K in Fort Myers


The Cops and Joggers 5K was a race we did last year in Fort Myers.  Hosted by the Fort Myers Police Department and the Fort Myers Track Club, this race benefits the Fallen Officer Memorial Foundation.  We ran to help support the Fort Myers Police Department.  We had to return, especially in this year when they have lost one of their own in the line of duty, Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller back in July.  

We wanted to feature this race again because it is an outstanding community event and it helps support those who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe.  In addition, it honors and supports the families of officers.  As you know, if you have watched our podcast, our cameraman and my husband is a police officer, so this race is very meaningful for me and it is very difficult to talk on camera at times.  But it is a cause I believe in very deeply and want others to support.  

Also... it does help us get in some hill work with that bridge!

A special thank you to Captain Jay Rodriguez who took time to talk with us about the event that night and to Lieutenant Jeffery Bernice who coordinated such a great event to honor the fallen and raise money for their families.  


In downtown Fort Myers there are a whole host of businessmen and women looking for a quick and tasty lunch during the work day.   Downtown Fort Myers has gotten a makeover during the last few years with some nice and trendy restaurants and bars that contribute to a revitalized night life as well.  

A staple of downtown Fort Myers since 2005 is Downtown House of Pizza.  They have a variety of tasty pies.  It is popular with the bar-hopping crowd at night as well as a place to grab a quick lunch if you are working downtown near the courthouse.  We tried their new vegan pizza, complete with a vegan cheese and tons of fresh veggies.  The garlic, oregano, and outstanding crust make this pizza delicious.  It is a nice healthy option. I would not have known it was vegan if you did not tell me!  We definitely want to go back and try more pizza and some of DHOP's homemade desserts, too!  


We have been wanting to try Fort Myers Brewing Company for a long time.  The first local brewery in Fort Myers, this cool little place opened back in 2013.  In May we featured a collaboration beer they made for Nice Guys Pizza's 5th anniversary celebration.  This time, we went directly to the source.  It is located in Gateway.  Fort Myers Brewing Company has become a gathering place for people to taste great local beer, sample food from some great food trucks, and attend fun community events like a Halloween beer mile and more!  We talked with Joel Germain and he took us through a flight of their original beers and talked about what makes it such a great place to have a beer and stay a while.


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RED Episode #15: Sarasota YMCA Ringling Bridge Run, Yoder's Amish Restaurant, and Big Top Brewing


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This week we ran the 15th Annual Sarasota YMCA Ringling Bridge Run in Sarasota.  This run benefits the Sarasota YMCA.  It was a beautiful run over the water, included some hill work on the bridge, which is one of the only ways you can get hill work in Florida, and there was no time limit, so it was perfect to get back into the swing of things in 2018!    Special thanks to Sarasota Police Department for keeping us safe on the course!



Our next stop was Yoder's Amish Restaurant, a famous spot for pie in Sarasota.  They have an amazing breakfast, were featured on Man Vs. Food for their delicious friend chicken, but we were there for the world-famous pie.  It was worth the wait!



Our final stop this episode was Big Top Brewing Company.  We got to try their Ringmaster, an award-wining Raspberry Berliner Weiss.    It is a sour beer, but a delicious beer nonetheless.



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RED Episode 14: Fit Foodie Flashback

This is a flashback episode.  We registered for the Fit Foodie 5K and planned to run it in September of 2017.  Then Hurricane Irma had other plans and it got postponed to December 2017.  If you all have been following me on social media, you know I had an injury during December as well as a crazy holiday schedule that delayed some of my podcasts.  So this is a look back at a fun race where we met some amazing people. 


The Fit Foodie 5K course had a long and tall bridge in Clearwater, so if this race series comes back and you need to practice some hills, it is a great one.  The John Hancock Village with food and beverages afterward was a great time.  If you are not local to Florida, they run this series all over the country.  So be sure to check it out near you if it comes back next year!


We talked with Jessica Bomberg, Vice President for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising with No Kid Hungry.  She talked about their amazing organization and what they do to fight childhood hunger. Please consider running next year, donating on their website, or volunteering to help their cause.  (Not a paid advertisement, we just think what they do is great.)


Next we stopped by to see Rene Marquis cook some Cauliflower Fried Rice.  It had Forbidden Rice, Tofu, Edamame, and more.  The smell of the soy sauce and spices would have made your mouth water and it is healthy.  It was a tasty dish and looked so easy to make! 


Next up, Dunedin Brewery and a chat with Mike Graff from sales and distribution.  We tried an Apricot Peach American Wheat Beer they brought along and Mike helped us toast our accomplishment.  It is one of the most established breweries in Florida, so if you are ever in town, check them out!


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