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RED Episode #15: Sarasota YMCA Ringling Bridge Run, Yoder's Amish Restaurant, and Big Top Brewing


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This week we ran the 15th Annual Sarasota YMCA Ringling Bridge Run in Sarasota.  This run benefits the Sarasota YMCA.  It was a beautiful run over the water, included some hill work on the bridge, which is one of the only ways you can get hill work in Florida, and there was no time limit, so it was perfect to get back into the swing of things in 2018!    Special thanks to Sarasota Police Department for keeping us safe on the course!



Our next stop was Yoder's Amish Restaurant, a famous spot for pie in Sarasota.  They have an amazing breakfast, were featured on Man Vs. Food for their delicious friend chicken, but we were there for the world-famous pie.  It was worth the wait!



Our final stop this episode was Big Top Brewing Company.  We got to try their Ringmaster, an award-wining Raspberry Berliner Weiss.    It is a sour beer, but a delicious beer nonetheless.



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