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Red Episode #29: Cape Cops 5K and Pizza & Cocktails at Nice Guys Pizza


We ran a race in our hometown this week, the Cape Cops 5k.  This race is near and dear to our hearts.  It benefits the families of fallen officers and those injured in the line of duty.  It was a great way to see parts of our community that we do not normally see on a daily basis as well as support those who keep us safe.  If you have a chance to run a race like this in your community, you should.  it is a great feeling.


Nice Guys Pizza is a place we have talked about and we have shot Quick Bites from on several occasions.  Recently, they celebrated their 5th anniversary.  We are so honored and humbled to have been some of their first customers.  If you are ever in our hometown, you need to stop by this amazing hole-in-the-wall pizza place with delicious food, amazing cocktails, and tasty craft beer.    

Greg and Jovana, the owners of this outstanding pizza joint, welcomed us into the kitchen this week for a peek behind the scenes.  We got to see how they make their awesome pizza. On the menu this week, the first pizza we ever tried there: The Truffle Shuffle.


Jimmy creates some amazing cocktails at Nice Guys Pizza. The one we feature this week is their most popular and our favorite, The Pendennis.  It is the greatest Smoked Old Fashioned I've ever had.

Stay tuned throughout this week and next for Quick Bites featuring great food and beverages from Nice Guys Pizza.  They mean so much to us that we can't help but celebrate them and what they have done for our community.

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RED Episode 9: Running Wild, Drinking Great Beer, and Tio’z Dominican Food at LauderAle Brewery

This was an amazing episode to film. Thanks to Ryan Buynak and all the people at LauderAle Brewery and Tap Room for inviting me to film and to the Running Wild LauderAle Run Club for inviting us to tag along on their Monday 5K.

Running Wild, a Fort Lauderdale Running Store, partners with LauderAle to host a 5K run every Monday night at 6:30 at LauderAle. It is a fun run that takes us from the brewery through the industrial park near the airport and back again. And what made the run wild? Monkeys. That’s right, stay tuned during the course highlights for monkeys.

If you want authentic Dominican food, come get some from Chef Blas Baldepina at Tio’z Urban Dominican Food Truck. We tried the fried cheese that needed no breading, the tasty fried plantains called tostones, and finally, chicharron de pollo. You need “smell-o-vision” to do all of these justice. The homemade spicy chili sauce was simply the best compliment to this meal. We were lucky enough to film inside the truck as Blas was making our meal, and we will feature that in an upcoming Quick Bite.

We got to go behind the beer and in this episode we feature Mike White, who is in charge of the brewing process at LauderAle. He gave us an introduction to making beer, starting with the water and barley, and he will continue this talk in another Quick Bite very soon.

LauderAle just won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival for their C-Porter, so it seemed appropriate to sample the porter that earned them top honors. With flavors like a hint of caramel, chocolate, and coconut, this dark beer is right up my alley, and I can see why it took home the prize! It is like a mounds bar in a glass, but this Porter is lighter in body than most at 6.2% ABV.


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RED Quick Bite #16 Hurricane Irma

This is a really short Quick Bite.  We are heading to a safe place in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  Hope everyone stays safe.

Originally, we were going to participate in the Fit Foodie Run this weekend in Clearwater, and we were so excited about it.  It has been rescheduled to December 9th due to the Hurricane, so we will have to wait a bit for the race that seemed to be themed just for us! 

We hope everyone impacted by Hurricane Irma stays safe.  We can't wait to get back to filming the podcast and to accomplish, explore, and indulge along with you after this storm is over.