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RED Episode #32: Behind the Beer at Ulele Spring Brewery


Last weekend, we were in Tampa at the Richard’s Run for Life.  That allowed us to have a very special behind-the-scenes look at the original beer made at Ulele Spring Brewery.


Ulele is a restaurant inspired by Native American culture and the food available locally from our land and sea here in Florida.   The food and the beer go hand-in-hand to create an amazing experience at your table.  Can you say Alligator Hush Puppies and Charbroiled Oysters?  We can tell you they are delicious.  Look for more on those dishes in Quick Bites soon.


Ulele Spring Brewery has an eclectic selection of original beers.  Tim Shackton, the brewmaster at Uele Spring Brewery took us on a tour of his brewery and told us some of the stories behind his tasty beer.


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