RED Quick Bite #55: A Pre-Race Chat with Olympian Jeff Galloway!

Here's our first Quick Bite from the 2018 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekendand it's a big one... an honor to talk with Olympian and America's Coach, Jeff Galloway!

He was so nice and knew how much this weekend as well as his race weekend coming up in December mean to me, so he offered to sit down and have lunch with us and talk about last minute race tips for this weekend.  Jeff has been our e-coach for many years now, and his expert advice and training plans make all the difference.  He is such a generous and kind man with a wealth of knowledge for everyone in the walking,  run-walk-run, or running community.  We are so glad we got to sit down with him and get some advice.  Our cameraman will tell you that it calmed my nerves tremendously!  

(This was not a paid advertisement in any way.  I am just really lucky to have such a great friend and coach who is willing to share his knowledge on the podcast.)

We will see him again for his race weekend and it's the 5th anniversary of his Jeff Galloway 13.1 Half Marathon Weekend.He just recently did a medal reveal on YouTubeand it is huge!  What a feeling it will be to have Jeff at the finish as we receive that 5th anniversary medal. I can't wait!  Check out the videoand the race. Come join us!  


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