RED Episode #46: Barb’s 5K at the JG 13.1 Half Marathon Weekend

Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia and the 5th Anniversary of the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Weekend!


This episode features Barb’s 5K, the first race in our weekend celebrating the 5th Anniversary of one of our favorite races.  We also got the chance to run with some great people from the Extra Mile Podcast Group. If you have not listened to the Extra Mile Podcast or Extra Mile Podcast: Galloway Edition, you are missing out. Kevin Gwin is the host of these two awesome podcasts about running and this group is so motivational.  We ran through Piedmont Park.  Although it was wet, raining, and very cold compared to Florida weather normally, we had a blast with these people and in the beautiful setting of the park. Barb Galloway even met us at the finish and congratulated us on finishing the race.  We loved every minute! We hope you’ll join us next year!


Whenever we come to Atlanta, we make it a tradition to eat at Trader Vic’s.  Home of the original Mai Tai, their food is also an amazing taste of the South Pacific.  We had the Pupu Platter called Cosmo Tidbits on their menu.  Ribs, perfectly battered and fried shrimp and delicious ribs from their unique wood-fired ovens that you can see as you sit and sip on your Mai Tai.  We also had their delicious Morel Mushroom appetizer.  It is a must-have from their menu.  These appetizers are why we almost never get to the main entree.  We also had a Hot-Buttered Rum as part of our dessert.  Buttery, cinnamon, and sweet flavors warm you from head to toe.  (I know this is the eating portion, but it was so good, I couldn’t help but mention it.)  If you come to Atlanta, come to Trader Vic’s.  Their entrees are also dynamite, but their appetizers are shareable and very filling. 


Right after Barb’s 5K, we went to Orpheus Brewing.  They hosted a special event celebrating Barb’s 5K and letting us try their tasty beer.  We had a Stout and a couple of sours they had on draft in a beautiful snifter commemorating the race weekend.  We hope they continue this tradition for years to come because the after party had tasty beer and great runners to hang out with and celebrate.


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