RED Episode #76: Anchorage RunFest Recap Part 1, Moose’s Tooth, and Matanuska Brewpub


Welcome to Anchorage RunFest! This week, we recap Saturday’s events on our trip, including the Expo and the Anchorage Mile.  The Anchorage Mile events included a Women’s, Men’s, Military, and Community Mile that went off throughout the morning.  We had a great time running the flat course that looped 1.5 times around a great park where an outdoor post-race event was held with tents setup with games for kids, a truck serving coffee, post-race pizza, and hunting safety tips tent was set up.    Then we got the honor and privilege to hear Bart Yasso, Jeff Galloway, and World Record Holder for Double Amputees in the Marathon, Marko Cheseto motivate us and provide us with wisdom ahead of the longer races on Sunday.  Such great events to start the weekend off right!  We will recap our half marathon experience on next week’s episode, so stay tuned for more about this awesome weekend.  


Moose’s Tooth boasts the best pizza and beer in town.  It did not disappoint!  We arrived to find there was a wait.  It is not on Open Table, so be prepared to wait, but good news... there is an outdoor deck with a waiting area around a fire pit and beer from Broken Tooth Brewing.  We will recap the beers in a later episode.  But, that pizza was amazing!  We got a large so we could try two different kinds from the menu.  The Call of the Wild included Reindeer sausage!  The Brewhouse Favorite had chorizo sausage and Denali sauce, which is a unique ricotta-based white sauce with herbs and spices.  Crust was a thicker New York-style crust.  The wait staff was knowledgeable and friendly and the view from the outdoor patio where we ate was incredible.  You gotta stop by!


Matanuska Brewpub in downtown Anchorage was only a few steps from our hotel!  Matanuska Brewing Company actually brews their beer in Palmer, but has several Brewpub locations in Eagle River and in Anchorage.  We tried a variety of their beers and were really pleased with their selection.  There is something for everyone from an IPA lover to someone who loves a fruit beer, and as you know, we love places like that.  They have a menu and, the sandwiches that came out looked amazing.  We would have gone back for the sandwiches, but we ran out of time!! 😞


Stay tuned for more from the Anchorage RunFest including our recap of the half marathon and more great places to eat and drink as you celebrate your accomplishment.  

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