RED Episode #40: Southernmost Half Marathon and DJ's Clam Shack in Key West


In this episode, we feature the Southernmost Half Marathon.  We chose this race because our training schedule called for 12.5 miles this weekend and we thought, "Why not run it in Key West?"  Who wouldn't want to see the beautiful sunrise on the Southernmost Point of the United States.  It was humid and hot, but a beautiful course and friendly people.  It was also held on the same course as a full marathon.  The time limit was set to 6-hours for both races, so we thought it would be a no-pressure training run.  The only thing we forgot to bring was our Night Tech Gear shoe lights because we started so early and we were unfamiliar with the course (next time!).  We were thankful to have our Sqoosh to wipe away sweat during the race, and we needed to remember to hydrate and get electrolytes efficiently both before and during the race.  It felt like it was still at the height of the heat and humidity of Florida summer.  So anyone running this one as a first half marathon will love the longer time limit but should remember to stay hydrated, even when starting while it is still dark outside.



As a post-race celebration, we had DJ's Clam Shack on Duval Street in Key West.  Clam strips and conch fritters are amazing there!  We bragged about it so much that a friend of ours who went to Key West the very next weekend had the lobster roll and said he had died and gone to lobster heaven!


We had local beer to toast our accomplishment from Islamorada Beer Company while at  DJ's Clam Shack.  It was Sandbar Sunday and it did not disappoint as a light and easy-drinking beer to toast completing our training run!   Yes, we had other beers at Islamorada Beer Company when we stopped there, so we tried one that we did not have as part of our flight in our Quick Bite.  It was glorious after run-walk-running 13.1 miles!



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