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RED Episode #65: Ice Cream 5K , Big Ray’s Fish Camp, & 81 Bay Brewing


We did the Ice Cream 5K at Al Lopez Park plus mileage to get to 10 total for this week’s long run.  It was the same place that our cameraman went to do the Tampa Beer Run last week and the site of our first episode.  But we went back because I could not go last week and because that park is incredible in terms of its course and shade to get some high mileage in that we were assigned this week.  We got 5 in before the race started and then we were off on the 5K to get an unexpected medal and free ice cream!

We saw a lot of families that participated in the 5K and kids races.  There were two ice cream trucks for us to choose from when we got our free cup of ice cream, and the cherry ice cream from Sunny’s Nitro Ice Cream was awesome after our first 8 miles in the park.  Then we finished our last two miles and we were off to refuel!


The night before the 5k, we went to one of our favorites, the Columbia RestaurantTheir 1905 salad, Cuban sandwich, and Spanish Bean Soup as well as the Crab Croquettes are all incredible items from their menu that we reviewed on our first episode and quick bites.   (Can you tell we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of our podcast over several weeks, even though it doesn’t officially happen until June 17th).

Our official feature for this episode is Big Ray’s Fish Camp.  It is famous online for the grouper sandwich.  Everyone says it is the best one around.   We want to go back to have that, but we were craving Fish Dip and our cameraman’s sister said that we had to have the shrimp corn dog.  Plus, a favorite of his mom’s was Grouper cheeks, and they have a buffalo version we had to order.  We had local beer in cans and bottles.  Their prices are reasonable for the delicious seafood they offer.  They have some indoor seating, but most of their seating area is a big porch on  the side of the restaurant.  It has to be so nice lit up at night.  We will return!


81Bay Brewing is in a huge warehouse-like space that had a great bar, a huge projector with video games setup on the side, as well as a Farmer’s Market going on when we arrived.  They also have an event room and awesome artwork all over the brewery from local artists selling it. Their sinks outside their bathrooms have kegs setup as their sinks for washing your hands!  Their brewery is visible from the bar, and at the bar there are friendly bartenders who helped us setup our flights.  Across from the bar is an entire wall that looks like an under-the-sea scene projected onto it behind the stage where they have live music on some nights.

I had these unique flavors while we were there but they had lots of tasty brews on tap:

  • Here Plums the Sun 5%

  • Market Spiked Punch 5.6%

  • Coffee Porter featuring Lucky Goat Coffee 6%

  • Guzumba Sweet Stout 8.5%

Dana had these:

  • Thomas Hefferson Hefeweizen 6.1%

  • Tangled Up in Brew Lychee and White Peach Blonde Ale 5%

  • Real Slo Irish Red 5.5%

  • Randy Marshmallow Peanut Butter Marshmallow Stout 8.5%

We would come back.  Plus a dollar of every pint purchased goes to help a local organization called W.H.A.Y.S. (We Honor and Appreciate Your Service).  It supports and employs veterans.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, TOO!  In the coming weeks, we will be talking about virtual races and what we think of them.  So, email us at or call and leave us a message at 941- 677-2733.  Let us know what your thoughts are about virtual races you’ve done or just the concept of virtual races in general. Send us a voice recording, write us an email, or call and leave us a message and we’ll share your feedback in our next episode.


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RED Quick Bit #50: Wicked Lick in Key West


This Quick Bite continues our week-long look at trip we took to Key West to run the Southernmost Half Marathon at the beginning of October.  This continues our post-race celebration along Duval Street in Key West.

We were walking along Duval and stumbled upon a place called Wicked Lickthat makes liquid nitrogen ice cream!  It is a cute little place in the heart of Duval that is pirate-themed!  Unique flavors combining savory and sweet is their speciality.  We got to try a couple and talk to the owners of this brand new establishment.  Have you heard of Tarragon Vanilla and Chipotle Almond Chocolate?  We got to try both.  They also have a great Maple Bacon flavor, too!  Something is here for everyone!  Check it out the next time you are in Key West.


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