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RED Episode #39: Walk Like MADD 5K Dash, Artisan Eatery, and Grumpy Goat Coffee


In this episode, we run the Walk Like MADD 5K Dash to help support Mothers Against Drunk Driving here in Southwest Florida.  The race was very inexpensive and supports a great community organization trying to help get the word out about being safe and never mixing drinking and driving.  We ran as part of a team for Dana with the Cape Coral Police Department.  It was hot and humid but we had a water stop and plenty of friendly people to walk and run with during the 5K.  The course was flat and took us by Gateway Charter Elementary, Middle and High School.  My dad was principal at Gateway Charter High, so we enjoyed seeing his old stomping grounds!  It was cute medal representing home plate and best of all, the finish line was crossing home plate at Jet Blue Park, home of Boston Red Sox Spring Training.

We talked with Lori Burke from MADD about what this organization does to help support victims and survivors of drunk or drugged driving incidents.  In addition, they also provide education to our community about ways to avoid these tragic incidents. We like to have a cold beer to celebrate the completion of a race as much as anyone, but the key, as Lori put it so perfectly, is to have a plan so that drinking and driving don’t mix.  We always do and encourage all our viewers to designate a driver, plan on an Uber or Lyft, or eliminate alcohol from any evening out.  Preparation is key.  If you can, come out next year and run or walk to help support their efforts, we highly recommend this race.


Then we went to Artisan Eatery for a fantastic brunch.  This is small eatery that has been open less than a year, but back in February was ranked as one of the top 25 restaurants in the News Press.  It is a little place with a feeling of home in between our main highway (US 41) and the Southwest Florida International Airport.  We had the Pastrami Hash from the regular menu and we saw two specials on the board that caught our eyes, the muffuletta and the Key Lime French Toast.  They were all amazing!  We will return.  You should check it out!


At the race, we got to talk to Brian Abernathy, Master Roaster from Grumpy Goat Coffee.  If you follow our social media, you know we love coffee so much we post about it everyday!  It was great to find a local roaster offering high quality coffee through their website and to learn about what makes their coffee so good!  We should have had smell-o-vision!


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