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RED Episode #57: Run the Bluegrass and Local Food and Beverage in Lexington, Kentucky

Welcome to episode 57! We just got back from an amazing trip to Lexington, Kentucky and we have so much to share with you!


This week the Run Eat Drink Podcast is in Lexington, KY to "Run the Bluegrass!"  Run the Bluegrass includes a Yearling (3.65 mile), a 7-miler, and a half-marathon course, starting at the Keeneland Race Course, taking participants through picturesque countryside past storied horse farms responsible for many of the celebrated thoroughbreds.  The course was stunningly beautiful and hilly and taught us a thing or two about terrain, preparation, and making adjustments on the fly.  This race also has some amazing merchandise, a winner of an expo, and an after-party that's a blast.



This week we have almost all tastes covered.  The food scene in and around Lexington is exploding and we found four spots you have to try if you are in the area.  Smithtown Seafood is cooking up fresh seafood in a traditional southern fashion with their Kentucky Proud Catfish and Grits.  But, they are also experimenting with flavors and textures not normally seen in southern cooking.  Their Singapore Shrimp Wrap is putting an asian noodle dish, paired with formal breaded fried shrimp, and wrapping it in a tortilla!  Crazy, right?  Crazy GOOD!

Have a hankering for Southern BBQ?  Look no further than Red State BBQ!  This little spot on a country road by a motel and a horse farm is making local favorites like beer cheese with pretzels, brisket, and ribs with sides like macaroni and cheese and corn pudding.  They have a variety of house-made sauces to let you experience regional differences in BBQ from Alabama white (Show Horse), to North Carolina vinegar, South Carolina Mustard, Texas hot, and more.  Warm peach bread pudding is for dessert, so save room.

Looking for breakfast?  We have you covered.  Windy Corner Market is a little country store out on a rural road across guessed farms.  With lines almost out the door, these folks are feeding the masses traditional southern breakfast of eggs, sausage, and gravy, and some things that put a news spin on some old classics, like a breakfast po'boy with bacon, eggs, and fried oysters!

Finally, if you are in the mood for something from south of the border, who knew that Lexington, KY was home to some AMAZING Mexican food?  Well, it is, and Papi's Mexican Restaurant and Baris serving up some old recipes and some new modern classics, like the Cazuela de Rajas Poblanas, a Creamy Sauce of queso fresco, sautéed onion, and poblano peppers served with tortillas for dipping or to make "messy tacos."  Or how about some more non-traditional items like a hibiscus taco! 


Brewing and distilling are part of Kentucky heritage.  We take you on a tour of some places that are keeping that heritage alive. West Sixth Brewing is serving up a variety of original beers that pair so nicely with the food from Smithtown Seafood which is adjacent to them.  They are also working hard to improve their community through charitable giving and partnerships.  Their Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter is a must-try!

Alltech Lexington Brewing Company is another brewer that is not only part of the city's rich history but a company that is maintaining that tradition.  These folks make the ever-popular Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, but we got to sample several others including a Blackberry Porter, The Kentucky Coffee Cream Ale, and the Kentucky Kolsch.  They also own Town Branch distilling which is serving up about 14 different spirits.

finally, Country Boy Brewing is a popular local brewery whose wares can be found all over Lexington's dining establishments.  Delicious beers with catchy names are their stock-in-trade like Cougar Bait, which is a light, crisp, American blonde ale.  Or Shotgun Wedding, which is a brown ale aged on vanilla beans.  



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Welcome to our second official audio episode of the Run Eat Drink Podcast!


This week, we are still at home training for our next big race!  We are excited to get to Run the Bluegrass at the end of this month in Lexington, Kentucky.  Jeff Galloway assigned us cadence drills, acceleration gliders, and quarter miles to hit in a certain target time this week.

We also saw some posts on social media this week about DNFs (Did Not Finish) at races.  Most of the time, having been one who has had a DNF, it is really hard to talk about or even admit to friends and family.  I consider it brave to talk about it, it is also courageous to take yourself out of the race to avoid further injury, and I feel like it is a great motivator for getting healthy and training for a comeback, having had a great comeback in 2018 at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend.


Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery is a place we talked about last week. Shannon Yates, owner and chef, put together a fundraiser for Morgan Wright, or Morgan the Moose, our local celebrity from American Ninja Warrior, as he headed to Atlanta to compete in and film his episodes for ANW Season 11!  I know we talked about running into Morgan last week, but this week, we were able to get to his fundraiser at Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery and do a live interview with him.  That meant we got to have awesome fried chicken and fish and chips that Shannon made for his fundraiser.  So tasty!


Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery also offered us the chance to get Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale by Lexington Brewing Company in order to get ready for our trip.  It was a wonderful beer full of caramel and vanilla notes, but not too sweet, so it could stand up to the delicious food.  Apparently, Lexington Brewing Company will be 10-15 minutes away from where we are staying for the race this weekend.  I hope we get to tour the brewery!  Rumor has it they also have a distillery.


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RED Quick Bite #46: Guy Fieri's Smokehouse in Louisville

Welcome to Louisville, Kentucky! We are here to run a race that supports the Navy Seals Foundationand attend the  Bourbon and Beyond Festival!


We ran the Joggin for Frogmen 5K to benefit the Navy Seals Foundation on Saturday.


After Bourbon and Beyond was canceled, on Sunday, we discovered Guy Fieri's Smokehouse.  We had to try the Trashcan Nachos because they combine our love of great nachos with brisket and a bourbon brown sugar BBQ sauce! The presentation alone is worth ordering them,but the taste is "off the hook" as Guy might say!


We washed those nachos down with one of our favorite beers made in Kentucky, the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale from AllTech. Aged in Bourbon Barrels, it has between 7-9% ABV and a caramel goodness and color.  Not too sweet and no bitter finish.  One of our favorites anywhere we go!

Thank you for hanging in there with us, even though plans changed after Bourbon and Beyond was canceled in the interest of safety for everyone.  We hope you'll try Guy's amazing restaurant!  We wanted to get so much more there!  The meatloaf looked incredible and the Pit Ends Chili sounded tasty, too!


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