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RED Episode #80: Dana’s Infinity Hunt


This week was not a travel week for us, so on to training updates!  Aimee completed speed work this weekend and will complete a long run on the upcoming weekend to stay on track for SouthernMost Half Marathon, Wine and Dine, and Jeff Galloway’s race weekend!  Dana completed a 9-miler and has lessons he learned on the road to help you on your next long one!


This week Dana takes us on an Infinity Hunt!  This was a local Marvel-themed event involving local taprooms and breweries!  What a fun collaboration!  Solving clues to locate all the infinity stones was hard work!  

During the hunt, he got hungry and ordered food from Paradise Pizza to be delivered to Big Storm Brewing in Cape Coral.  He has a recap of a chicken tenders basket and we talk about other offerings on the menu we want to try.


Dana went to Eight-Foot Brewing, Big Storm Brewing, No. 3 Craft Brews, Big Blue Brewing, and Scotty’s Bierwerks, before returning to Eight-Foot to finish the final step of the Infinity Hunt.  Don’t worry, he followed the advice we always give:  Bring a designated driver or ride share to stay safe!

Big Storm Brewing - Munich Dunkel

No. 3 Craft Brews - Innis and Gunn Kindred Spirits Stout

Big Blue Brewing - Chocolate Milk Stout

Scotty’s Bierwerks - Irish Red Ale

Eight-Foot Brewing - Florida Wheat


It’s National Coffee Day!  You know how we feel about coffee!  How do we celebrate?  Tune in and find out!


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