RED Quick Bite #52: First Flight Island Restaurant and Brewery


This Quick Bite continues our week-long look at trip we took to Key West to run the Southernmost Half Marathon at the beginning of October.  This continues our post-race celebration along Duval Street in Key West.

We are headed to a very cool and iconic place this time, First Flight Island Restaurant and Brewery.  This was the birthplace of Pan American World Airways, as a sign says when you approach this house with classic Key West feel and style.  It is now the home of the Southernmost Microbrewery as well as some killer appetizers that you can have in their beer garden as you peer into their brewery.  You can enjoy brunch, lunch, or dinner, complete with live music and roosters that visit right in the beer garden.  We had a flight of their original beers to share with you as well as a great pasta appetizer - that's right - pasta, and even though this is Key West, and we were here mainly to taste the best seafood around, the beef brisket mac and cheese was so flavorful, meaty, creamy, and delicious.  Key West has more than just seafood to offer runcationers celebrating their half marathon achievements!  We want to come back at night and experience their seafood dishes as well as the nightlife in the beer garden.


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