RED Episode #16: Flashback to Barb’s 5k at the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Weekend 2017

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In this episode we run the first of two races in the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Weekend


The Double G is made up of two races: Barb’s 5k on Saturday and Jeff’s Half Marathon on Sunday. On Saturday it is a great 3.1 miles through Piedmont Park.  There is such beautiful scenery and a dog park, which is one of my all-time favorite parts of the race.  This one was so special this year because Barb met us and ran across the finishline with us.  It can be a cold one and we saw snow on the ground, but it is a great way to get a change from the scenery here in Florida.



The Expo for Jeff Galloway's Race Weekend is held at the Westin Peachtree.  At the top of this beautiful hotel is the Sundial Restaurant.   72 floors up to be exact.  The elevator ride alone is breathtaking.  The food was great as you will see in our episode!



Barbara Galloway partnered with Orpheus Brewing to give us a great party after the race.  We got a custom-made glass with the logo from the brewery and the race and sampled four different beers from Orpheus Brewing.  And since we love coffee, you know our favorite one featured a collaboration between the brewery and Java Lords Speciality Coffee Roasters.



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