RED Episode 10: Wine and Dine Half Marathon and Canada at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

This was a tough episode for me to do because of how the race turned out for me.  I had surgery for a torn meniscus, and I had not done the work of losing the weight for this race, so my knee decided not to cooperate this time around. A sad result, but I will come back next year and fight for redemption using the lessons I learned this year.

But, it is a race that everyone should know about and if you love to Run, Eat, and Drink, like I do, hence the podcast, then the Epcot Food and Wine Festival and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend are events you should check out!

In this episode, we recap the race, and show for the first time on a RunDisney race course, Pandora in Animal Kingdom, which was just beautiful. 

We wanted to complete the other 3 miles to earn the half marathon medal that they gave us, even though we could not earn the challenge medal.  So we were off to the World Showcase at Epcot and we walked it three times to complete the rest of “our race.”

That gave us the chance to share the beer cheese soup from Canada and Moosehead Lager with you.  They are amazing samplings from the Food and Wine Festival.  We have others to come in upcoming Quick Bites.

It was an amazing time and I highly recommend RunDisney weekends.  They may be pricey, but the course through the parks, the characters on the course, the entertainment, and the bling are all reasons to consider a runcation at Walt Disney World in Orlando.  That is why I featured this race, despite what happened.

Here’s the course:


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