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RED Episode #66: Your Virtual Race Feedback and a Tough Speed Workout, Hunger Station, and Big Storm’s Category 1 Belgian Single Release


As we have said before, we are following Jeff Galloway’s training plan to prepare for our half marathon at the Anchorage RunFest in August.  We are e-coaching clients of his and this week, instead of a long run, we were working on half miles and trying to hit a target in a certain time.  We did 6 half miles, but the heat and humidity in Florida is really a challenge at this time of year and we made the mistake of starting a bit too late in the morning.  We did pour ice water over our heads, as Jeff suggested, and it did help, but while the mileage was around the times that Jeff wanted us to hit, I was slow this week, and I am still a work in progress.  I am sure the work with Cadence Drills, Acceleration Gliders, and quarter and half miles along with the long runs will get us there.  So my lesson in all of this is:  don’t get frustrated with short-term setbacks, and start earlier in the morning because it is a Florida summer after all.


Since this was a training week, we decided to try a new food truck that was making its debut at No. 3 Craft Brews, Hunger Station.  It was some great Mediterranean food.  We had Shawarma Fries with a garlic aioli and Falafel Wraps with spicy red sauce.  We really wanted the grape leaves but they were out by the time we got to them.  But they will be back and making more appearances around Southwest Florida.  So, if you love Mediterranean food, you should check them out.  They were so nice and let us try samples of the Shawarma while we tried to decide what to order because everything looked and smelled great.  They are a fairly new food truck.  We can’t wait for them to get their food truck decked out with their logo so we can easily spot them at No. 3 or wherever they might be to snag the grape leaves!


Big Storm Brewing Company has a series of beer dedicated to making the best of hurricane season and their release schedule starts on the first day of that season.  We had a live beer chat dedicated to trying Category 1 Belgian Single, which is their first release.  We talk about it on this episode as well.  It has a nice yellow body and it is a bit cloudy.  It reminds us of a Hoegaarden with its banana and clove notes, but we get more clove than banana out of this one.  I think it is on the higher end of sessionable beers.


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