RED Quick Bite #63: Kiki’s Sandbar in Little Torch Key

It’s another delicious Quick Bite as we make our way to the 21st Annual Key West Half Marathon!

On our drive down to the race we always like to stop off at place that look like it might have some interesting food and beverage offerings we can share with you.  In Little Torch Key, we found Kiki’s Sandbar.

A laid-back bar right on the beach, Kiki’s will cook anything you catch or provide you with some tasty treats from their menu.  This place has a vacation vibe.  You can put a drink in your hand and your feet in the sand.

We tried the Sneaky Kiki because it had Trader Vic’s Rum in it and that made us reminisce about our trip to Trader Vic’s in Atlanta last month for the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Weekend (Trader Vic’s was featured on the Barb’s 5K episode).  It was such a great time there, although we have to admit the climate here was much warmer and very tropical.

And... if you have not tried their Ahi Tuna Nachos... you must.  The tuna can be cooked to your desired temperature and the “nachos” are perfectly crisp wantons.  Hoisin sauce, seaweed, sesame seeds, wasabi peas... my mouth waters even as I write this because I could have them again and again.

We had to get going to get down to Key West for packet pickup, so we could not linger any longer, although, you’d think time would stop here for everyone.  At Kiki’s Sandbar, you can truly be in an island state of mind.

If you get a chance, stop off at Kiki’s Sandbar in Little Torch Key on your way down to Key West.  You won’t regret it.  Yum!


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