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RED Quick Bite #41


My husband had a work conference in Orlando.  So, I decided to tag along and do my training runs at Walt Disney World through the various parks (I was lucky enough to get the time off from my day job).  I will share one of those runs in an upcoming episode.


While we were there, we discovered that Disney Springs had special pairings at various restaurants and bars for a Brews & BBQ event.  How could we say no?  We headed to Raglan Road one night to try the Boaring Burger they were featuring as part of the Brews and BBQ event. Can you say party?  It was a great atmosphere with live music and dancers plus the food was mouth-watering.  You have got to go!


While we were there, we tried the beer that Orlando Brewing Company made exclusively for Raglan Road, the Blagger Organic Blonde Lager.  It was yummy and low ABV, so it was a tasty pairing with the burger and it would have been a great post-race beer as well. Light and not hoppy, with a little kick at the start and honey on the finish.  We could have many of those.  But of course, we will always grab a cab, Uber, or Lyft to be safe and responsible after having any adult beverages, of course!  It is really easy to meet up with that kind of transportation on the property.


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