RED Quick Bite #79: Frita’s Cuban Burger Cafe in Key West

Off Duval Street in Key West, there are some hidden gems.  We like to bring you some places tucked away from the action that offer amazing food and allow us to meet some great and hard-working people!  

Frita’s Cuban Burger Cafe is one of those places. All of the food is cooked in a food truck but there is a house with an outdoor garden area and indoor seating as well.  it is decked out with colorful references to Cuban culture.  We stopped in to look around and a group of four vacationing gentlemen from South Africa (who now live in London) said they were there for the second time in two days!  The food looked amazing.  We knew we had to try it.

We started with Red Sangria.  It was sweet and fruity.  A refreshing beverage on a very hot and humid Key West Day.

Then Dana had a Classic Frita Burger and I had the Perro Cuban Hot Dog. The burger is a beef and pork patty seasoned with garlic and Spanish spices, topped with onion, frita sauce, and crispy fried joust julienne potatoes on a freshly baked Cuban roll.   The hot dog has melted cheese, frita chili sauce, chopped onion, crispy fried house julienne potatoes on top, and is wrapped in a crusty Cuban roll.  Both are $8.95.  We want to go back and try more of this awesome menu!


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