RED Episode #51: The 5K at The Donna Marathon Weekend and Wicked Barley Brewing Company

This episode continues our series featuring one of our favorite race weekends, the 2019 Donna Marathon Weekend! It’s the 5k!


The 2019 Donna Marathon Weekend has a race for everyone from 5k all the way to an Ultra Marathon.  We participated in the Booby Trap Challenge, which means we complete the 5k on Saturday and the Half Marathon (or you might run the marathon) on Sunday of the race weekend in order to receive a bonus medal. (You know we are all about the bling!) This 5k showed us a great course along Jacksonville Beach and gave us a taste of the community support and encouragement that is a hallmark of this race weekend.  The course was flat, fast, and included a great runners’ village as well as a great little medal showing off the symbol of the 2019 Donna Marathon Weekend.


We headed to Wicked Barley Brewing Company because we heard they have a classically-trained chef taking bar food to a new level.    Cheese curds, a homemade pretzel with cheese sauce featuring one of their original lagers, and a great pork belly sandwich will have your mouth watering.  They were so much more than your typical bar food.


Wicked Barley Brewing Company has a great tap list featuring so many great original beers and meads.  Patrick and Jen talked to us about the brewery and some of the stories behind the clever names as well as what goes into these tasty beverages.

We loved it at Wicked Barley Brewing Company.  You should stop by and see them!


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