RED Quick Bite #61: A Chat with Kevin Gwin from The Extra Mile Podcast

Welcome to our last Quick Bite from Atlanta, Georgia and the 5th Anniversary of the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Weekend.  

It’s a chat with a fellow podcaster!

It’s the start of a new year.  At this time, many people are setting goals and making resolutions in hopes that 2019 will be their best year yet.

We thought that if your goals included running, training for races, or just using run-walk-run to get an enjoyable fitness experience, you might like to hear about a couple of podcasts that can support your goals!

This week we chat with fellow podcaster Kevin Gwin, host of The Extra Mile Podcast and The Extra Mile Podcast: Galloway Edition.    These are great to listen to during a long run to gain insights from fellow runners as well as being able to hear advice from an Olympic runner and America’s Coach.

You can subscribe to these two podcasts in iTunes.  We recommend them as great support and a wealth of information to support your fitness goals.  

Thank you so much to Kevin for taking time to tell us how he got started creating a community of runners and how he got in touch with Jeff Galloway and how he became a fellow podcaster and running coach.


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