RED Episode #49: A Chat with the Creators of the Donna Marathon Weekend - Donna Deegan, Dr. Edith Perez, and Jeff Galloway

This week’s episode starts a series featuring one of our favorite race weekends, the 2019 Donna Marathon Weekend!


The 2019 Donna Marathon Weekend started with a Social Shakeout Run on Friday.  It was a 5k to get us going for the fun weekend of running ahead, but it also gave us the chance to sit down with three very important people who started this race weekend.  It was such an honor to talk with these three and find out how this weekend got its roots.  Thank you so much to, Amanda Napolitano, Executive Director of the Donna Foundation, who arranged this time for us to chat!

Donna Deegan is the Chief Eternal Optimist of the Donna Marathon Weekend and the Donna Foundation.  Dr. Edith Perez is a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic.  Finally, an amazing friend of our podcast and America’s Coach, Jeff Galloway, is the one who suggested that Donna start it all when they spotted each other at an Expo for the Gate River Run.  They talk about the history of the race, the amazing advancements in research and the families it has supported, and the reasons this weekend is a must-do and such a special race weekend.

It is one that we plan to do every year to honor those we have lost to breast cancer, but also to experience one of the best running block parties we have ever been to in our running career!

To find out about the race weekend go to and to support the foundation go to


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Aimee Coston