Upcoming Races

Looking for some great runcation ideas?  Want to know where Aimee and the Run Eat Drink Podcast will be visiting next?  Look no further!  Here is a look ahead to our upcoming places where we will accomplish, explore and indulge.  Click the "learn more" button below each race description to go to the race website.


2019 Booby Trap Challenge at the Donna Marathon

In February, we are off to Jacksonville, where we will participate in one of our favorites, the Donna Marathon weekend. We ran there last year, but this year promises an all-new course for the half marathon, and with all the community support as we run the 5K and the Half Marathon to complete the Booby Trap Challenge, we could not pass it up! The half and the full marathons have been redesigned to be flatter and faster, so we wanted to bring the changes to you! Plus, Jacksonville included some of the best food and drinks to celebrate our accomplishments last year, so we want to bring you more from around this awesome town. Even more importantly, we will run this race to support a cause near to our hearts. We run to remember my husband’s mother, Clarice, who we lost to breast cancer, so running the race to finish breast cancer is very important to us. Crossing this finish line has.a deeper meaning and it will be an incredible race weekend where we honor her memory.


2019 Gasparilla Distance Classic: The Treasured Chest Challenge

When we complete the Donna Half Marathon at the beginning of February 2019, we will have finished the first part of our Treasured Chest Challenge. The second half brings us back to the Tampa area - so much to see and do in one of our favorite Florida towns. We will run the Gasparilla Distance Classic Weekend’s Half Marathon to complete the second part of our Treasured Chest Challenge and show you more of the beautiful view along Bayshore on the course as well as some great food and drink to celebrate after accomplishing this goal. Did we mention the HUGE bling we get after running these two races in Jacksonville and Tampa? Can’t wait to show you that either if you are all about the bling!


2019 Run the Bluegrass

At the end of March, we take our first trip of 2019 outside the state of Florida to Kentucky, the land of one of our favorite beverages: bourbon! This course will challenge us with its time limit of 3 hours and 30 minutes and with its hills or so we hear. But we will run past great distilleries (Buffalo Trace), see beautiful horses, and even pass Manchester Farm that appeared in Gone with the Wind! Of course, we will also bring you great food and drink offerings that you should try to celebrate your accomplishment!