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What better way to show your support than by sporting some great Run Eat Drink Podcast merchandise!  With the help of our friends at Pure Creative Apparel, we have hand-picked a selection of high quality, great-looking clothing for the run-cationing foodie as well as select items to round out your bar at home.  Grab some great merchandise for yourself or as gifts.  Show your support and support the show! New items are being added all the time.


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Did you find a race you are interested in running?  Did we turn you on to a local eatery that has a dish you absolutely must try?  Were you introduced to a new brewery or bar that you hadn't heard of before?  If we did all of this, none of this, or something in between, what's important to us is that you enjoyed the show!  We appreciate all of our fans and followers and we want to continue accomplishing, exploring, and indulging with you for years to come.

If you enjoy the show and want to help us keep the lights on and the bandwidth flowing, we would really appreciate it.  Click the button below and leave a few bucks in the "tip jar."


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Do you have a high quality product or service that you think would benefit our viewers?  If so, let's talk.  Our show is always on the lookout for partnerships that make sense and would bring value and enjoyment to our fans.  Send us an e-mail below.

Prospective Sponsors:  Products and services should make sense for people interested in things like (but not limited to):

  • Running, walking, jogging (all experience levels), running gear, shoes;

  • Food, dining out, and cooking;

  • Craft beer, home brewing, craft cocktails, beer, wine liquor, coffee, gourmet coffee, coffee preparation;

  • Travel, airfare, car rental, hotels, discounts, travel accessories, luggage.

OUR PROMISE: We will only partner with sponsors whose products or services we have vetted and trust. Your time and money is valuable and we will respect that.