40 Days and 40 Nights to a Goal

In this picture I was 180 pounds, 28 years old, and happy.  I know that any BMI index would indicate I was overweight.  Now, at 250 pounds, any BMI index would say I am obsese.  It is frustrating to start weight loss so many times and fail each time.  I want to be strong and ready to run in November and be as light as possible.  And although, I know I cannot physically be at 180 pounds by November, because any means by which I would do that, would be short-term and unhealthy.  So what should I do?

 Golden Apple Recognition 2002

Golden Apple Recognition 2002

  I have had the greatest success when I was very regimented last year.  I would do yoga and go to the gym each morning before work.  I logged each bit of food and drink that went into my mouth on the weight watchers app.  I made sure that I had many points left over at the end of the week, so I could incorporate a meal at my favorite place, of course, Nice Guys, that could include pizza and a beer.  During the week, it was really hard.  I wanted to eat everything.  I always do.  But I have to be strong like I was last year.  I was on more of a regular schedule at that time, and my work schedule has me on an opening shift one day, closing the next, and opening the day after that, so it is not really conducive to getting good and regular rest and scheduling of workouts, but still, I need to try.  That strategy helped me get stronger and leaner, so I could be successful.  I want to be successful again.  The races are hard, but when I finish them and Dana puts that medal around my neck, I feel a sense of accomplishment.  I also have the chance this year to film podcast episodes at my best.  I have to get in the right frame of mind and give myself a way to be accountable for the next 40 days until the races begin.  

So, what I want to do is use the podcast and blog to share my progress and be accountable.  I will focus on meal preparation, exercise, meal logging, and race preparation for the next 40 days.  I will, despite many of those who disagree, save points to have a meal that includes my favorites, so I can feel that I am not being deprived.  I hope to be strong and use the time to get myself as ready as possible to do well and make myself and Dana proud.

Will you help me?