Our Furry Family Members

Hey!  This is the second in the series of blog entries that will hopefully let you get to know us a bit better.

We are dog people.  We are cat people.  When we first got married, 19 years ago, we rescued a cat and adopted a dog from one of my husband's coworkers.  They were with us for 17 years of our marriage before they passed away.  These were our first fur babies:



LT was an Akita/Lab mix.  Such a great dog.  Easily trained, super loyal, and really sweet.  We buried him the back yard and planted a yellow flower next to him.


This was Java.  We rescued him and as he grew up with LT, he behaved somewhat like a dog.  He would come when you called him.  Everyone thought he was a girl because of his pink little nose.  He was a sweet cat. 

We rescued Aslan at the same time we had LT and Java. We had him for a couple of years.



Aslan hanging out with LT in our backyard.

Now we have Buck and Dani.   We rescued Buck first and then Dani a few years later.  They are sweet and we love that they have each other to play and spend time with when we have to go to work. 


Buck is the darker brown one.  We named him Buck because when we rescued him at 9-weeks old, he started to lick our Starbucks iced coffee cup.  The lighter girl is Dani, and we named her after the Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones.  We are big fans of that show.  They are big dogs and may look intimidating or sound it when they bark, but they are so sweet. We have worked hard to train them.

And last but certainly not least, our two cats. 


The gray girl is Natasha.   She is so sweet!  All gray and she rolls over and wants you to rub her belly.  The boy is Bruce.  he is aloof but so sweet and wants to sleep at our feet at night. 

Do you have furry family members?  They make us so happy and give us so much love.    They are playful and funny.  I am so lucky to have them and would spend my life rescuing animals if I could.