Run Eat Drink

Welcome to Run Eat Drink!  Our mission is to explore and review fun races, sample delicious food, and toast with tasty beverages so you might discover places where you can accomplish, explore, and indulge the next time your vacation involves running, eating, and drinking.

Usually, my husband and I run Disney races.  And don't get me wrong, Disney races are great and we will continue to run them.  But we wished we'd had somewhere we could find out more about races, food, and beverages from different locations so we could venture out and try something new.  So we decided to be the pioneers and bring the reviews to you! 

We will run the races so you can see if a course is affordable and enjoyable for you.  Then, after the running is over, we will highlight a place to eat and sample must-have food.  Finally, we will celebrate our accomplishments by sampling tasty adult beverages so you know where you can sport your bling and toast the completion of the course.

Hopefully this will help so that the next time you are thinking of taking a vacation that involves running, you will have a resource to make the most out of your visit.  Or even if running is not in the plan, you can see what tasty treats will await you in a variety of locations. 

So, come along with us as we accomplish, explore, and indulge so that maybe you can too.